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Food Hopping at Ortigas

The Ortigas Center is my default Go-To area whenever we have that urge of pigging-out. Haha! and why not? Whenever we’re in the vicinity of Ortigas it feels like we’re right at the core of the gastronomic universe. Yay! They practically have it all here.  Imagine atleast four major malls

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Making Your Table Kid-Friendly for the Holidays

Celebrating the Yuletide Season always comes with a sense of excitement and anticipation. The fun lively atmosphere, classic, festive Christmas colors combined with the warmth and loving company of family and friends is what makes up a traditional Christmas celebration. The most exciting part, for all (i guess) is gathering

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My Sister’s Quick and Easy Pesto Recipe

Everyone in my family cooks. That means whenever there’s an occasion, we always get that “happy fiesta” feel at home, regardless if it’s my mom and/or my dad who’s in charge with the cooking or me and my sibblings bringing each of our culinary specialties. I especially commend, my younger

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Yummy for the Tummy

I wanted the title of this post to be Yummy for Big Tummy since this is all about great food plus, the fact that I have been teasin’ my daughter, Hunter, big tummy. Haha! Not that she is stout, she just happened to have a really big appetite for food.

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A Weekend Foodgasm

I love weekends. Especially because it is the day/s of the week when we can actually spend time with the rest of our family. And ’tis when some of our busy friends finally find time to catch up with us, whether over brunch, lunch or dinner or a cup of

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Food Trippin’ Around Town

Let me start by saying it’s really been a while since I’ve done this… Resto-hopping and food-tripping in my lupang-sinilangan! And my first time ever to feature in my blog my hometown, Malolos, Bulacan as a foodie haven. So, this better be good, Jennie. I’m not proud of saying this

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My Western Style Omelet

For a quick, easy and hearty breakfast, I am sharing my Western Style Omelet in classic diner-style overstuffed package brimming with mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes, and basil. A perfect match with either rice or bread –maybe served not only for breakfast, but as side dish in any lunch or dinner

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My Sweet Sinful Serenity… Banoffee!

Sugar High. I should start by saying I am not a big fan of cakes and pies. Like any other foodie when it comes to pastries and cakes I used to just eat those chocolate icings and confectionaries, indulge on those colorful glaze & frostings and leave the BORING spongy part

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DIY Candy Buffet

A rapidly increasing trend right now in the party and events organizing industry is putting up a candy bar or candy buffet (also called dessert buffet) aside from the party’s main food entree. A candy buffet gives an exciting twist to every party and fulfills the sweet-toothed dream of having

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Hot off the ‘Pizza Hut’ Oven

   My all-time-favorite pizza place never cease to amaze me. It impressed me how through these years it has lived to its mantra, “Makin it Great!” I grew up a pizza lover… a Pizza Hut lover at that, and have witnessed how it has evolved (and still evolving) from the

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Rainy Day Treat

A gloomy weather can sometimes ruin even the cheeriest moods. I’m not sure if it’s just me, or do we all get that boredom blues and sudden urge to go outside as soon as it starts raining? In my case, that sudden desperation to go camping? hehehe! One of the

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An Out of the Box Coffee Experience (Giveaway Alert!)

Imagine having a cup of tea and your favorite artisan cake in a cozy setting surrounded with colorful wooden totem poles, surfing boards, flowers, puka shells, luau inspired drapes and curtains, handwoven loin fabric pillows, hanging mason jar lights, tiki torches, double decker wooden nooks with beautiful beach scenery posters

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Health Watch: Turmeric Tea Might Just Be the Key

I am one of those people who believe in the importance of wellness and healthy living. Always trying hard to be that health buff who opts for things that will provide me and my family our overall good health and well-being. Also a self-proclaimed advocate of prevention, i would go

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Great Native Island Dining at KaLui

They say your Puerto Princesa Adventure is not complete without experiencing this native island dining, bare foot and all at this famous and one of the pioneering restos in Palawan called KaLui. It was my second time here, still it amazes me how beautifully and neatly the resto’s interior as

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Stuffed-Crust Pizza from Scratch

Making a homemade pizza from a home-prepared dough is just as quick and easy as making your homemade pandesal. It only takes a few minutes to the prep time to add your fave toppings to your dough. For the dough, you need these basic ingredients: 2 cups warm water 2

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A Big Appetite for the Big Apple

When it comes to food trips, New York City is my “happy place” no questions asked. We would drive all the way from New Jersey to the City that Never Sleeps, to have a taste of the best dumplings in China Town, or take the PATH Train to the 33rd

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Food Trippin’ at Jersey City

In this post you’ll be seeing plenty to keep you gastronomically craving for some of Jersey City’s best bites. These may not be among the top restos, but they sure are our faves! Let’s start with… All-You-Can-Eat Hibachi Grill Buffet selection is a good staple. Good quality for a buffet

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The Convenience in Pay-in Lounges

I made one smart move in one of my adventures (literally and figuratively) as a mommy, and I’d like to share it with you. Spending the holidays in New Jersey has become an even bigger deal for my family since it was my daughter’s very first international trip..   and

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Pinoy Holiday Faves

I guess I’am one of the Pinoys who would not let a Christmas Season pass by without getting me at least a bite of two of Pinoys holiday comfort foods, the ‘stars of the season’… Bibingka and Puto Bumbong! Many Filipinos crave for these well-loved delicacies especially after attending the

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