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Where to Get Affordable Mommy & Me Outfits

“Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy,” so they say. So whenever I find items that I love, whether it be clothes, shoes, or accessories, I go for it! I seldom splurge on apparels and when I do it’s because the item is a unique find, a good

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Thoughts about My Li’l Wanna-Be Rockstar

As a mother to a growing and exploring 3 year old, I will do what I can to support what she needs and help her develop her skills in her line of interests.  I’m sure we all want what’s best for our kids. Preparing for such productive activities she can

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Upfront with Cassey at 3

I decided to play this casual interview game with my daughter, Hunter; and was quite happy with the outcome, not only because it was kind of consitent with what I expected her to reply, most of all she quipped from the heart, it may be quite impulsive, but it sure

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Kiddie Food Adventure: Where to Take Your Toddler

There are days in a parents life when we just gotta put our kids CRAVINGS first more than ours. But knowing what kids love, we are not about to just resort to too much fast food indulgence. In Metro Manila, particularly, there’s plenty of choices, and most restaurants actually have something to offer for kids.

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Our Little Ways of Paying it Forward

Let me start by saying… I hope I am rich, so I can be more helpful to others. But I am not. Nonetheless, I am not losing hope on it, still keeping my fingers crossed, I’ll be rich someday… For now, let me just be contented with the fact that I

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Off to Where the Fun Rules

Three of the country’s coolest recreational centers just opened its newest branch at San Fernando, Pampanga. And for a mom of an active toddler (like me) who comes from the Central Luzon area, this is kind of a big deal! Why? Because most of us, probinsyanos, are simply sick and tired

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Music and My Mini Me

My three year old daughter Cassey is a certified music lover. She has developed the love for music from her early years, and I could tell it by the way she appreciates it whenever she hears music playing, and she reacts and dance to it however way she can. Ever since, she has

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Mommy’s Top Picks for Baby Care

It’s been almost 3 years, of me mothering to my precious little one, and in those trial and error years, I have reviewed countless baby products, and have personally hand-picked which ones top my list. There are a lot actually but I have particularly chosen these, and as it earned a spot in my

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5 Kitchen Organizing Hacks Every Mommy Should Learn

I have always fantasized about a beautiful, neatly organized kitchen of my own. I have always loved to cook. And every member of my family as well as some of my closest friends love everything that has something to do with food, eating, cooking, baking and food preparations, that’s why

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Mom on Heels

If it’s not yet quite obvious in most of my posts, I’ll say it anyway… I love fashionable clothes, shoes, and almost all things kikay as well as those not exactly feminine fashion trends. I feel in control when I feel put together, which doesn’t always mean an elegant dress,

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Baby-Proofing Your Home (for Age 0-2)

Part of the challenges of the early stages of parenthood is making sure that your child grows up in one piece. That means no ugly scars or broken bones, complete set of fingers, no bumps, no hemorrhage. It may sound a little morbid and exaggerated but, really, if you ask

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Raising a Music Lover

At two and six months now, it really amazes me how much my daughter Hunter would show signs of love and appreciation for the music. I have consistently observed how she would really pay attention to even the classic songs that she hears from her grandparent’s stereo. She would try

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Two Exciting Years and Counting…

They say time really flies by so quickly when you’re enjoying yourself. Well, being a mom to my Hunter, I guess I am. It’s been more than two years now. My Cassey Hunter is now looking like a little lady with a personality so awesomely developed at her very young

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A “Mother Packer” Guide to Packing for a Winter Trip

***Mother Packer- n. a mother being considered an expert (in her own right) in packing  clothes and stuff for her family. Pun intended. Originally coined by stand-up comedian, Rex Navarette. So yes mommies, I’m just trying to be funny, no offense meant. Nothing is more challenging than packing for your

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5 Practical Tips for Cleaning Up After the Holidays

I finally got my feet up! (APPLAUSE!)  If you are still in a holiday coma by the time you read this, time check, week 2 of the new year, it’s about time you tackle and embrace the fact that someone’s gotta grab those boxes and put away the Christmas tree

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A Peek at the Oldest Zoo in Asia: Manila Zoo

I have some sentimental feeling and vivid recollection of Manila Zoo, because of the lasting memories that it imprinted in my childhood mind. Back in the early 80’s when there were no other places to go to, to actually see how those animals we see in the books and TV

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Spruce up Your Home this Holiday Season

Decorating for Christmas doesn’t have to hurt your wallet really badly. All you need to do is find the right place to shop for inexpensive but good quality trinkets… There’s one place we go to when it comes to unique novelty finds. We still call it Uniwide (from Uniwide Warehouse

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Tsk tsk, Mommy Brain!

  Motherhood becomes her: 3mos, 6mos, 3mos post birth I didn’t know that a “momnesthesia brain” was for real until it actually hit me. Baby Shower: a month before birth It’s gone so bad that I couldn’t remember exactly when it started. About two years ago, I guess, after giving

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Food Trippin’ Around Town

Let me start by saying it’s really been a while since I’ve done this… Resto-hopping and food-tripping in my lupang-sinilangan! And my first time ever to feature in my blog my hometown, Malolos, Bulacan as a foodie haven. So, this better be good, Jennie. I’m not proud of saying this

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