Our Little Ways of Paying it Forward

Let me start by saying… I hope I am rich, so I can be more helpful to others.

But I am not. Nonetheless, I am not losing hope on it, still keeping my fingers crossed, I’ll be rich someday…

For now, let me just be contented with the fact that I am ‘feeling’ RICH in  my heart, and I, in my own little ways, have more to give, more to share.

I guess it has always been in my nature, to try to be helpful if I can, because really I know for a fact there is a lot to gain in giving.

I also remember all those times that I have been helped by a family, a friend, and sometimes even a total stranger, yes I know how it feels, and it felt so wonderful being cared for.

But giving, sharing and paying it forward has always been a bigger deal for me! It is even bigger now that I have a small apprentice with me all the time, who is in the values formation phase…. My three year old daughter Hunter. It may not have a lot of impact seeing such gestures now but I know someday it will be part of her subconscious, and hopefully help mold her to become a better version of herself.

It’s the LITTLE Things that Matter. We’re living in a big world where it’s impossible not to find a single soul who may need anything that you may be able to give. And it doesn’t really matter what it is, in most cases, it takes a simple act of kindness to improve another person’s life, or to be more on the conservative, more realistic side, make another person’s day a little brighter.

I have documented some of the random gestures Cassey and I did together, to try to brighten up someone’s day… I hope this will inspire others somehow…

This first video was taken last year, for one of the Ma-Aga Ang Pasko sa Jollibee the longest-running Christmas Toy Drive in the country. It has been very accessible for everyone who wish to share some toys for the less fortunate, and I personally have witnessed how they did it back in 2001 (if my memory serves me right), when I had a chance to cover the event for an article at a local publication.

The second video was taken just recently, somewhere at Malolos, Bulacan. First part: Cassey who was getting a bit attached already to some of her toys , which I guess is pretty natural for a toddler, was at first hesitant at giving it out, but the best part was those that I did not capture… how proud she was about what she did, that she even told her lolo and lola about it when she got home. And the next time she saw some street children, she looked at me and said, “Mommy, I wanna give them my old toys”

On Christmas day we drove around town to give someone we find on the street that day something to eat… It was not much, but it’s all that we could share for now..

I hope to continue doing these random gestures with my daughter, not just on Christmas season, but throughout the year, and I challenge you to do the same.

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