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If it’s not yet quite obvious in most of my posts, I’ll say it anyway… I love fashionable clothes, shoes, and almost all things kikay as well as those not exactly feminine fashion trends. I feel in control when I feel put together, which doesn’t always mean an elegant dress, a brushed-up hair do and a pair of heels. For me, it could simply mean a pretty ensemble, a “no-make-up” make-up look, and anything comfy.

Other than being comfortable the outfit needs to be functional. However, when it comes to shoes, I often choose heeled shoes of some sort, something a bit less functional for some women maybe, but for someone who finds it kinda hard to balance with flat feet, I’m a 5 feet 9 inches tall girl with a pretty small small feet, 7 ft to be exact… I do prefer those heels. 

I love shoes so much but I am not the type who splurge in shoe shopping. But I do have a number of decent pairs that I have kept through the years.


Before I had my daughter, I wore nothing but heels and the only pair of flats I owned were my sneakers, designated for my errand days. But since I got pregnant, It’s been all about sneakers and flats and I stop looking at those nice displays in the mall just so I won’t get tempted to buy another pair of high-heeled shoes. And I haven’t bought one until now.
Why? Because I had a very sensitive pregnancy, and after giving birth via cesarian section, obviously, the least I could think about is straining my scar with the use of something as fancy as a pair of high-heeled shoes on my daily walks.

I miss the way I feel in heels, the way they instantly transform an outfit, the way it keeps me balanced to avoid tripping-over. 

Two years post-childbirth, I was able to try wearing those heels again (refer to the photos). Being a full-time mom, I felt fantastic while I was doing those simple errands on heels. I am proud mom on heels.

And it got me thinking, there’s nothing really wrong if you want to look more comfy, if you want to be a mom on heels, there’s nobody putting these restrictions on us, is there? Then I thought to myself, I am dressing for myself, not for other people, and it’s making me feel better about myself so why give a big fuss about it, right? 

So I’m making a promise to ignore my inner “practical mom voice” once in a while and be a little daring in this sense, wearing my heels more often regardless if I’m running an errand with my daughter or not. I want to feel more confident as much as I can, and if a fancy pair of shoes helps me get there, then by all means, why not? I guess every woman should. 

I have one problem, however. I noticed that after giving birth, my feet grew a few centimeters bigger. That I can no longer wear some of my favorite pairs of heels. I recently bought a new dress. All I need is a pair of high heels to complete my outfit! I found a few pairs I liked online at

You may freely use this code to get 15% discount…ZBAPZSMO. 

To all moms out there, do you feel uncomfortable wearing heels? Do you long to get more dressed up, but somehow feel you’d be judged by others? Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. I so love all your photos. Looking at them really makes me want a daughter. Ehehe.

    Nway, I love my heels. But when I gave birth to my youngest, I always wear flat ones because most of the time, I babywear him. I am now missing my heels and would love to wear them someday. It’s just that I seldom go out Na. 🙂

  2. I hope I got that pretty legs too. Mine is like pata na. I used to wear a lot of heels before I got pregnant. Now, I am more in comfortable footwear.

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