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Wahlburgers Coney Island 

We are a Mark Whalberg fan.And we became even more, after having personally tried what their fast food chain the Wahlburgers has to offer… Wahlburgers

My Little Singing Diva

I asked my daughter what gift she wants for her birthday, she immediately quips “I want a singing microphone!” Hahaha. And I thought without a

Buying Time

Here it is again.. this ridiculous feeling of getting overly emotional about my daughter growing up so fast.. It’s only been 3 years. but it

Pinoy Singing Through the Years

Filipinos have that interesting crazed love for singing, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s with accompaniment or just plain acapella. It’s an understatement to just

Music as Soul Food

No doubt about it.. listening to our favourite music can instantly put us in a good mood.  Scientists are now discovering that music can do