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Product Updates & Press Releases

Where to Get Affordable Mommy & Me Outfits

“Nothing haunts us like the things we didn’t buy,” so they say. So whenever I find items that I love, whether it be clothes, shoes, or accessories, I go for it! I seldom splurge on apparels and when I do it’s because the item is a unique find, a good

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Our Favorite Milk Brand- Nido NOW ON SALE at Lazada

      Our all-time-favorite milk brand NIDO by Nestle Philippines, is now on SALE at LAZADA and we are definitely stocking-up!   If you think that Lazada’s Birthday Sale is only for the tech enthusiasts and beauty junkies, think again! They got something for moms and dads to smile about and

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The Sanitary Pad Absorbency Test that Made Me Shift to Organic Pads

I didn’t know Organic Pads are a thing until I’ve recently learned that they have actually become much more widely available nowadays, especially in the United States. Been researching for options to replace my conventional feminine hygiene pads lately hoping it will somehow solve or address my heavily flowed menstrual

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Wahlburgers Coney Island 

We are a Mark Whalberg fan. And we became even more, after having personally tried what their fast food chain the Wahlburgers has to offer… Wahlburgers is a titular chain of restaurants owned by chef Paul Wahlberg and his brothers, Donnie (a former member of the New Kids on the

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Shopping Convenience is Just a Click Away

Welcome to the 21st century… where shopping is just a click away. Instead of running around to several different traditional stores for your must buy items, seat back comfortably in your bed, and click your way in to the virtual shopping world. There are plenty of online shopping sites, depending

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My Little Singing Diva

I asked my daughter what gift she wants for her birthday, she immediately quips “I want a singing microphone!” Hahaha. And I thought without a doubt, looks like we have a making of s singing diva here. At 3 yr old, my Hunter has shown deep love for singing and

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Buying Time

Here it is again.. this ridiculous feeling of getting overly emotional about my daughter growing up so fast.. It’s only been 3 years. but it felt like I’m buying time already. She has started going to (play) school during the last quarter of this year, and next year, hopefully she

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Strummin’ My Favorite Guitar 

   Most people, myself included, feel that guitar just like alhambra guitars is the easiest instrument to learn, but one of the hardest to master.  But once you get the hang of it, you can play a lot of songs, mainly because most songs aren’t actually that hard to play – you

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Pinoy Singing Through the Years

Filipinos have that interesting crazed love for singing, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s with accompaniment or just plain acapella. It’s an understatement to just say that we Pinoys are karaoke¹ lovers… coz really, we are kings and queens when it comes to singing our hearts out. For one, I think

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