My Little Singing Diva

I asked my daughter what gift she wants for her birthday, she immediately quips “I want a singing microphone!” Hahaha. And I thought without a doubt, looks like we have a making of s singing diva here.

At 3 yr old, my Hunter has shown deep love for singing and passion for performing arts. Unlike most toddlers who are into too much cartoons, she would rather spend time watching theater plays, musicals, or dance with mommy’s music on.

When we are in the car, our rides are instantly turned into a concert joy-ride, with my back-seat rider belting out to her favorite Katy Perry songs. Makes me really proud that she could easily pick up the melody and the lyrics of the tunes.

She particularly love those upbeat musics, and would dance to it while singing her heart out. Me and her dad is just sooo happy and proud watching her perform.

We both have dreams of seeing our daughter someday in one of those Broadway Musicals in Manhattan, New York City. Well, that’s just wishful thinking, but whatever our darling daughter decides to be when she grows up, we will be one hundred percent supportive of it.



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