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Book Review: The 48 Laws of Power

I had a quick read of the 1998 bestselling book written by Robert Greene and Joost Eiffers entitled “The 48 Laws of Power” and realized this is the very book I’ve been looking for.. very insightful, it goes a long way providing a perfect explanation of the principles by which

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A Twist in My Regular Coffee Break

Nothing wakes me up in the morning and seals the deal the way a freshly brewed coffee does… It livens up my still snoozing blood cells ang helps me kick off the day with high energy and enthusiasm. But eversince I have become a 24/7 all-around mom, I began missing

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Secret to a No-Fuss Super Moist Choco Cake Recipe Revealed

I have been trying to avoid baking chocolate cakes in the past, because I know it’s something I’m at risk of overindulging in. So for my new found hobby, my Handcrafted Confections, it was by choice that initially I was promoting my carrot cakes and buttercream cakes to customer-friends so

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Craving Asian: A Gastronomic Adventure

This week, I got to visit 3 famous Asian restaurants for some leisurely and hearty dine-in experience with friends, family and of course my baby. I am sharing my views about Manila’s hot spots when it comes to Authentic- Chinese, Korean or Japanese, with a sidebar on an organic farm-to-table

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Cocoa With Rocksalt and Cheese and How to DIY!

Year 2012, back when a lot of milk tea places were popping out like mushrooms here and there. I was told about this particular drink spot partly-owned by PBA player/TV Host- Chris Tiu called “Happy Lemon,” and its most famous signature drink “Cocoa with Rock Salt & Cheese.” I was

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My Cassiopeia

Naming my baby. Never thought this part of parenthood would be one of the most intimidating. Why? because choosing a child’s name is a lifelong decision. The name I give my little one will be an everlasting part of her identity that she will carry with her from her birth

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