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The Sanitary Pad Absorbency Test that Made Me Shift to Organic Pads

I didn’t know Organic Pads are a thing until I’ve recently learned that they have actually become much more widely available nowadays, especially in the United States. Been researching for options to replace my conventional feminine hygiene pads lately hoping it will somehow solve or address my heavily flowed menstrual

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Our Little Ways of Paying it Forward

Let me start by saying… I hope I am rich, so I can be more helpful to others. But I am not. Nonetheless, I am not losing hope on it, still keeping my fingers crossed, I’ll be rich someday… For now, let me just be contented with the fact that I

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A Tourist Guide to New York City

New York City is LOVE! I could walk around Manhattan and get lost all-day and not complain.. but given an up-to-date Tourist City Guide, such as this one, I’m looking forward to give my readers a little hand, hoping this will add ease in the experience.  This is a directory

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Going Organic

A healthy skin requires more than simply getting the right nutrients in the body, the right amount of sleep and rest, and the right amount of exercise—it also involves getting the best skin-care and skin friendly products to support our overall beauty and well-being. It takes a lot to maintain

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A Peek at the Oldest Zoo in Asia: Manila Zoo

I have some sentimental feeling and vivid recollection of Manila Zoo, because of the lasting memories that it imprinted in my childhood mind. Back in the early 80’s when there were no other places to go to, to actually see how those animals we see in the books and TV

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The KukoCo Nailbar Experience

   Being beautiful from tip to tip doesn’t have to be a painful experience. When it comes to pampering your nails and toes, nobody does it better than KukoCo Nailbar. KukoCo Nailbar first opened its door in November 3, 2012, at Caypombo, Sta. Maria Bulacan where it established its exceptional

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