The Sanitary Pad Absorbency Test that Made Me Shift to Organic Pads

I didn’t know Organic Pads are a thing until I’ve recently learned that they have actually become much more widely available nowadays, especially in the United States. Been researching for options to replace my conventional feminine hygiene pads lately hoping it will somehow solve or address my heavily flowed menstrual days…

Until I learned about the Organic Fresh Lady Bamboo Charcoal Anion Herbal Sanitary Pads by Leiania House of Beauty.

Don’t get me wrong though. The pads have yet to solve my ever persisting menstrual problem (I guess that’s a matter of general lifestyle modification), still keeping my fingers crossed on that. But this particular organic pad has made me change my mind about that one brand that I’ve been using all my (menstrual) life. 

After learning that an average woman will use over 16,000 pads in the course of her lifetime, sometimes more, I then figured, this is really something worth thinking about.

I was the one who personally inquired about this organic product (just so you know) after reading about it from Ms. Favs Vitan’s posts. I asked to buy, but through her kindness she offered and gave me product samples, this may sound like a sponsored post but whatever is written here is based from my own personal opinion and observation.

I received the product a couple of weeks ago, but of course I had to wait for my period prior to conducting this self-initiated absorbency challenge.

On the photos below, you will see: the Fresh Lady Bamboo Charcoal Organic Pad or simply referred hereto as “Organic Pad” is on the left side; while my current pad “Brand X” is on the right side. There’s two glasses both with 1/2 cup of tinted water, and a medicine dropper.

First observation (See Below Photo): Both pads come with wings but Brand X is thicker and with woven top sheet, while the Organic Pad is non-woven, but it has that black chip, they call it Bamboo Charcoal Anion Herbal Chip, at the center. The Organic Pad is odorless, while Brand X is scented (like baby powder scent). Brand X comes in printed design, while the Organic Pad does not. Organic Pad appears slightly longer in length, than Brand X.

First 10 Drops:

Started doing the test at 9:00AM. After 10 drops of tinted water on each pad, the Organic Pad quickly absorbed the water, as seen below, it has a much lighter shade as compared to Brand X. It seems to me like the Organic Pad has locked in the liquid faster, as I touched it, it felt dry, while I felt the wetness in Brand X.After 30 minutes, 40 more drops… this is how both pads look.
After another 20 drops an hour later…  you can feel the moist on the left pad, while right pad felt like it was already soaking wet.
And another 20 drops at around 11am…
At 1:00 PM, I got a little impatient, and poured the rest of the remaining liquid on each pad. Thinking, well, in reality, things could really get this uncontrollable, right? And the result, was quite disappointing on the side of the brand that I’ve trusted all these years. As you can see, obviously, the difference between the two pads is quite evident. You can see a lot of spill marks around Brand X, and just a few drops around the Organic Pad. On top view, you can see how distinguished the tinted liquid looks on Brand X, unlike the Organic Pad which seems to still conceal the water mark. Please note that both of them has 1/2 cup of tinted water on, but amazingly they look very different.
GIRLLLL, LOOK AT THOSE LEAKS!!!! Does the lighter shade indicate it is more absorbent?The feels???  I pressed both pads with my fingers, and here’s how it looked. Without exaggeration I didn’t get any water mark with the Organic Pad, unlike with Brand X.
Let’s do it one more time….  UNBELIEVABLE!!!
I took a look at the back part of the pads. Wowww…Look at those leaks. This, is for a half cup of liquid, in.. not even 6 hours time duration.   I don’t know how you would feel about this, if this is the same pad you are using all these years but as for me, I felt kinda cheated.

Trying to make sense of all this, I look at the pricing.  Brand X Cottony Soft Regular with Wings (8 pads) is available in the market at Php39.75 or Php5/pad while the Organic Fresh Lady Bamboo Charcoal Anion Sanitary Pad with Wings (10 pads) is at Php 179.25 or Php 18/pad. You may notice quite a big jump on the pricing, as expected from any organic products, but come to think of it, the Organic Pad has remarkably been more absorbent and dry as compared to Brand X. In two hours you have already changed your Brand X pad because of feeling uncomfy-wet. So doing the math, in a span of six hours, 3 Brand X pads most likely? While you’re only beginning to feel the wetness from the Organic Pad.

To satisfy my curiosity further, I tried to see how much more liquid the Organic Pad can hold and ended up adding a half cup more. By this time, the pad has reached the limit, it was soaking wet already just like Brand X after pouring the entire 1/2 cup liquid on it.

So, I therefore conclude, after having compared and tested, that the Organic Pad is obviously more absorbent than Brand X. All in all, it did a great job because that means you don’t have to worry too much about leaks or period stains.

And we are talking about ABSORBENCY as just one of the many special features of this Organic Pad. This is no ordinary herbal sanitary pad, as Ms. Favs put it, this has an anion chip with charcoal infused with organic actives. Of its many qualities, what captured my attention was the presence of FAR INFRARED and the Herbal Anion that helps in Bacteria Killing, Odor removing functions without side effect; its leak-proof and water locking features that will give me a dry comfy feel and therefore peace of mind. This Organic Fresh Lady Bamboo Charcoal Anion Herbal Sanitary Pad first and the only one of its kind available in the Philippine market. You can check out this LINK to know more.

Need I say, I am very much convinced by this Organic pad, and pretty sure I’m going to start hoarding on this MUST BUY NECESSITY soon, the only down side is that it can only be ordered online or at their shop at 2/F Expansion Building Robinsons Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines but if there’s a will there’s a way.

26 Responses

  1. Oh! i think i have to change to organic pads now. I’ve been looking for this since I always had a heavy flow. However, will you provide where can i buy this organic pads? The link is broken. Is this already available at local (PH) market?

  2. Wow, I truly can’t relate with this article, but I learned a lot. It helps me understand the other side of the girls. I’m happy that they have this kind of product for women. Truly, organic products can really be beneficial to everyone. Thank you so much for sharing! I’ll surely share this to my sister and mom.

  3. This is super interesting! This would also make me want to join in the bandwagon of organic absorbent pad users. Yet on heavy days, it is highly suggested to change pads every 3-4hrs (not defending the Brand X here), but cost wise I think that’s going to be debatable for some girls. I might give this a try soon.

  4. Wow! Isn’t the capacity of these two brands completely different? What is so interesting is the thickness of Brand X. I would have thought that being a thicker pad, it would be able to hold more liquid. It goes to show there is sometimes more engineering involved than we initially thought.

    I’m so grateful that you’ve done this comparison. Do you know if the organic brand ships internationally? 🙂

    Keep up the amazing work!

  5. If you will look at the price itself then you must think twice. But if you’re looking at its benefits it will really blow your mind, You can save more in the long run as taking a closer look on your experiment, it shows how heavy duty the pad is, this is totally worthed, git to try, I hope this I available on all department store nationwide soon

  6. I feel kinda lucky that I don’t have super heavy flows whenever I have my period. So much that I can get away with using thin pads even on the second day when there’s the most blood. This organic napkin may be nice and absorbent and has all those extra features, but I find it a bit expensive and therefore kinda impractical for me. But I’m happy for you since you said it suits your needs well. ^_^

  7. I actually don’t know if I’m lucky because I’m irregular when it comes to having my periods. But anyway, forgive me for my words but I cringed a little bit when I saw the pads. Maybe it’s just that I’m not that comfortable seeing that on the internet. But this sure if informative about this organic pads. I only know of organic make-up and this is really new to me.

    1. I’m sorry about that, I was supposed to use blue ink, but ran out, so i had to resort to what was available then, my daughter’s orange poster color. Yay! Being an organic product user, I hope you can try and see for yourself how absorbent this pad is though.

  8. This is so much similar to what my brother is selling! Yes, my brother, a boy, selling napkin pads… Haha! Well, he came across the product when he saw a video on Youtube and the demo is almost the same as this in your post. I’m glad the organic pads are becoming a thing now, as we all now it’s much more safe to use. I’m happy that you’ve posted about this for everyone’s information! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for reading. It’s nice to know your brother is selling organic pads too. He must be a loving kind of person to even think and consider going into that kind of business to help the women around him.. I can tell you are so proud of him for that.

  9. This is so fascinating. All this while, us men folk have been thinking that almost any sanitary napkin can take care of menstruation. But not anymore. We can’t even imagine the impact of leaking sanitary pads on not just a woman’s hygiene but psychology as well. Many Indian girls do not go to school because sanitary pads aren’t available to them.

    1. Thank you for taking time to read my post. It is interesting to know about the way of life of some of the Indian girls. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with beliefs, and it’s totally fine and acceptable in that case. Yes it does have some impact, especially, when it is accompanied by cramps, that we women have been all used to having every month already… that’s life.

  10. Something new to me and it’s intriguing. I always get heavy flow every first 3 days of my monthly visits. So this is something a good help in my case most especially when I need to travel for an hour just to get to the next city! Thanks for your referral link, I’ll surely visit them to see more of their pad’s information. 🙂

  11. Is this available in PH? I rarely ise pads because they give me rashes! I’m curious to see if organic pads will be different? To be honest, I prefer tampons over pads 😉

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