5 Reasons Why You Need to Expose Your Child to Music

Hunter with tito Ron playing piano

We all know that for a fact, Music is indeed the universal language, regardless what nationality you are, where you are from, where you were raised, a good music is something that everyone can enjoy and relate to.

Exposing a child to music while he is young has proven to be advantageous in many ways. For one, it helps boost their brain power, especially when exposed during the early years of life.

Aside from that given fact, here are five more reasons why your child should learn about music and musical instruments.

Enhances Memory There are studies that show correlation between a good academic standing among children with musical exposure. Some studies even suggest that music stimulates parts of the brain that are related to a child’s comprehension skills and emotional development.

Boosts Confidence Once a child know that he can develop a skill by himself he can get better at it, and will try hard to be the best that he can be at it. Enroll him in a music class or better yet, each him how to play a musical instrument.

Teaches Discipline Teaches a child that in order to be good at something, one has to master the art of trying and trying until you succeed. To improve as a musician or in any profession at that, you have to do well in class, devote time and effort and learn to practice more until your better becomes best. The discipline that a child learns by sticking with his music lessons is a lesson in itself.

Helps Relate Music helps us connect. Helps us relate from person to  person, to a feeling, a place, a thing, just about anything. And in a world where there is always a lot to learn, connection is very vital to our everyday lives. In some aspects, not everything may be easily understood, but music somehow simplifies things in a way just ‘relatable.’

Helps Express Feelings Music indeed is a great form of expression. At one point in anyone’s life probably one will ‘sing his heart out’ for something he couldn’t just express by plain words. For a child, it is good for the mind’s creative pursuit, fosters expression of child’s creativity.

As for me, I have read a lot about music education and exposing your child to music, and without a doubt, I can truly say that parents should encourage their kids to take music lessons and teach them any musical instrument that they seem interested with. You can choose what type of instruments fit your child at musiciansfriends.com, and will find a lot of tips too. The above mention are my precise reasons I am also sending my daughter to a ukulele lesson soon. Hopefully she will become musically inclined and eventually reap the benefits of being one.

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  1. I also believe at the great benefits music and how being musically inclined can help develop many areas of our kids’ development. My husband is a musician and I honestly can’t wait for my kids to play the instruments soon. =) They’re still too young now, but I try to keep exposing them to music and help them learn to love it. =)

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