A “Mother Packer” Guide to Packing for a Winter Trip

***Mother Packer- n. a mother being considered an expert (in her own right) in packing  clothes and stuff for her family. Pun intended. Originally coined by stand-up comedian, Rex Navarette. So yes mommies, I’m just trying to be funny, no offense meant. 
Nothing is more challenging than packing for your family for a cold winter trip. There is no excuse for a family vacation to be spent with chattering teeth and runny nose. Packing the right winter gear is the key to a cozy, problem-free winter spree with the family.  

Being a mom to a toddler, I want to make sure I have absolutely everything both me and my baby will need to keep our vacation with daddy fun and stress free, regardless of the cold weather. 


  • For day-to-day wear, I have a pair of leather booths which may not be ideal on ice but are fine for the two wintry months per year we spend in New Jersey. My daughter, on the other hand, has her snow boots to wear and a choice of another regular suade booth and or a highcut sneaker for packing.  (Please note that I am only mentioning the things we will need for a cold weather here, but it doesn’t mean we ain’t bringin our regular shoes.)   
  • Regardless of your choice of shoes, never pack your boots. Always wear them while in transit. Even a compact pair of boots will take up one third of your carry on luggage. 
  • The same rule applies to coats and jackets. Wear, don’t pack them. If you’re hot on the plane, just stuff your jacket in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you or use it as a pillow.
    Bought this cute Cherokee Coat at SM Surplus for Php400 only
  • If you need to bring an extra, be sure to use a space compressible bag or a vacuum seal storage bag to save some space on your luggage.  
    Got this one from Daiso for Php88 only, it’s 80cm x 90cm enough to fit a queen size comforter
  • Socks can be tricky too. In cold weather, you want big thick socks to keep your toes warm. But you don’t want to use half of your packing space on a bunch of socks, do you? If you have to bring thick socks or thights, wear one and just lay flat the other two with the rest of your clothes.  
    2 Pcs Tights from H&M at Php100 only
  • Bring water-proof pants, lots of long sleeve shirts, Roll your clothes instead of folding them, it helps maximize space and minimize wrinkles. 
  • To make sure you both get comfy on Cozy Winters, you’ll need accessories like gloves, mittens for the baby, neck warmers or scarves, and knitted hats. Don’t pack these in your luggage. Either wear them or stuff them in your jacket to conserve space in your luggage without sweating through your flight.      
  • Don’t forget to bring a lipbalm and petrolium jelly or healing ointments to keep the cold winds from giving both you and your kids chapped lips and dry scaly skin. All these things are important to keep kids lips, hands, feet, fingers and toes healthy and moisturized.  (Of course if you have the smaller versions of the ones in the picture, it would be better.  
  • Don’t forget to ask you Doctor(s) for your meds and prescriptions. Consider how long you plan to stay, and bring enough medicines to last the whole duration of your vacation. Consider bringin emergency medicines too (for headaches, diarrhea, dysmenorhea and the likes), although there sure will be drugstores at your destination, still it’s best if you expect for the worst scenario. Also, it is better to take one that you have been used to for a time. 
  • Last but not the least, never do away with an umbrella stroller, IT’S A MUST to have one when you’re traveling with a toddler or an infant. No, it is not counted as extra baggage, and trust me it will save you and your toddler from a lot of stress during your trip. 

So, travelers, mother packers… (hihihi) what do you pack for your winter trips? Leave your best tips in the comments below. #jnv

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  1. I also packed too much when we go out though I’ve never experience packing for winter. It’s much better to bring a lot of things than to regret.

  2. I want my family to experience winter too! Traveling is so much fun. I have to take note of the petroleum jelly, kasi nag da dry nga ang skin ko when we go to cold areas.

  3. I just love the boots. My husband would always tease me that I pack too much as if we will be gone for months. But I guess it’s better than going to a department store or convenient store to buy for things which are readily available at home. Sayang pera, might as well use the money to buy food. Ihihi

  4. I thought I misread it the first time, mother packer made me laugh benta sakin hehe anyway we haven’t traveled outside the country yet but this tips would come in very handy for the future 🙂

  5. I badly want to travel with my kids but for now, we want them to grow a bit bigger so they are easier to manage 🙂 I’ll keep this in mind when we go out of the country 🙂

  6. I only tried to pack for a short trip to the beach. I hope soon we can go to Japan or any place cold to experience winter.

  7. I have never travelled far, but all the tips are very helpful. 😊 You’re a great mom & I see that you’re so good with packing. I’ve learned a lot!

  8. Absolutely agree. I would also like to suggest the heat packs (though I’m not sure if they’re being sold in the Philippines.) There are heat packs for different parts of the body—feet, body, hands and also ones you can just put in your pocket. Just stick them onto respective clothing (e.g. stick the ones for the body on your inner shirt) and wait for the heat pack magic to happen. You’ll warm up in no time 🙂

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