Freemasons and their Symbols

I have always been at awe with the eliteness of this group of gentlemen called freemasons. I have seen a lot of mason-themed movies, starred by Nicolas Cage, and have always been curious about what they are, what they really do and what they stand for. I would always try to convince my man, to become one, because of my sort of fascination with this brotherhood of men.
There are a lot of famous names in the history of Freemasonry, at present, there’s Phil Colins, Sean Connery, Shaq O’ Neal, Scottie Pippen just to name a few.
I got to talk to a few Filipino masons that I know and these are some of the things I learned from them.
If you’re looking to join an organization which aims to make you a better man and surrounds you with brothers you can depend on with your life, Freemasonry might be just what you’re after. 
The most important thing to know about Masonry is that it is a community of men working to help each other become better people. Their stated purpose is to make good men better men. People tend to be focused on the secrets and rituals as the defining aspect of Masonry. But I see those as interesting to the extent that they bring a group of like minded men together and focus them on improving themselves, each other and the world. 
For me the defining aspect of Masonry is brotherhood paying-it-forward. 
I have learned that to be able to join, you don’t necessaraily have to be invited by a member. If you are interested, go to a local Lodge, talk to the members, and – if you like what you hear – ask the members for an application form sign it and comply with the Lodge’s requirements. It’s that simple. They don’t invite, you have to ask to join. Grand Lodges and local Lodges have websites, and many even have facebook pages where one may inquire.
Certainly do not feel intimidated or nervous when joining. Freemasons are great men and we are always looking for other great men. Simply express an interest and they’ll answer any questions you have
Masonry is the world’s oldest social fraternity. The fraternity doesn’t really have any secrets at all. The Lodges are listed in the phone book, they’re clearly marked, the members wear the Square and Compasses logo proudly in lapel pins, shirts, hats, and they even have stickers on their cars – and, in some states, license plates emblazoned with the logo, and they also have their iconic Masonic rings. Joy Jewelers Masonic rings offerspersonalized  masonic craftsman ring at reasonable prices. 

The Masonic Logo which comprise of the square and compass (or, more correctly, a square and a set of compasses joined together) is the single most identifiable symbol of Freemasonry. These architect’s tools is being used as Masonic ritual as emblems to teach symbolic lessons. Masons explain these symbols as lessons in conduct: for example, that Masons should “square their actions by the square of virtue” and learn to “circumscribe their desires and keep their passions within due bounds toward all mankind”.
The Masonic Eye on the otherhand, is symbolic of the Eye of God. It is the symbol of his divine presence and his ever always present care of the universe. God is without a beginning and without an end because he always is and has always been. The Masonic Eye of God watches over each of us. #

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