On Same-Sex Marriage, Etc.

After the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a ruling giving same-sex couples the right to marry in all its 50 states, netizens all over the world have expressed either support or disagreement on the new law. The way I see it, a number of conservative religious groups and Christian nations were not happy with the ruling.

For this flaming-hot topic, I have decided to guest-host someone who is not just close to me, but, whose thoughts and ideals mostly has influenced me in my daily life.

Here’s what my older brother, Ronn Villanueva, has to say about the controversial topic:

“I am in quandary on how this blog of mine should be worded. Out of fear that some of my friends might get offended by my personal belief, I chose to be quiet for the past few days. Nevertheless after realizing that like them I’m also entitled to the same freedom of expression, I took the courage to air my sentiments over the same-sex marriage issue.

Just recently, a chunk of the world was seen painted with the colors of the rainbow as a sign of pride. This is after the US Congress gave same-sex marriage the green light. Now, I’ve been seeing a lot of mixed reactions here in the social media, most of them trivial, some are mere expression of hate, while for others it’s sheer pride. Well for me, my two cents worth might cause some of my friends to “unfriend” me. It’s their right actually. At the end of the day what is important is to free my thoughts out of my chest and somehow do my part in my own little way to protect my beliefs.

My dear friends, straight or LGBT, I have given you equal respect ever since. I see nothing wrong about people of the same sex responsibly living together in companionship. However, I might have to burst your bubble as far as the same-sex marriage issue is concerned. Yes, I am totally against same-sex marriage. Allow me to explain why.

I am not a good Catholic. That being said takes away my moral ascendancy to judge anybody at the other side of the fence. Therefore, it is best not to talk about religion a premise in this issue. Religion has nothing to do with it as a matter of fact. However, the mere passing of the same-sex marriage law is another blow to the natural laws, in otherwords a regression in the state of humanity.

To begin with, I honestly believe that procreation is a natural law. Religion, society and anything that follows are secondary laws. Procreation is the reason why we are all here, the reason why we have bacon, eggs and broccoli on our breakfast tables. In principle, procreation is about the ability of the male and female to produce an offspring.

When man became civilized, he invented matrimony, derived from the Latin word matrimonium combining the two terms mater meaning mother and the suffix –monium signifying an action, state, or condition. The etymology is self-explanatory. Matrimony is the union of man and woman and among its goals is procreation. The male and female bodies were designed to complement the missing organ of both beings for reproduction. Anything that says otherwise violates the law of nature. The term marriage on the other hand was coined from the Latin word maritare meaning to provide with a husband or wife and maritary meaning to get married. (credits to Wikipedia for the Latin translations)

Well, enough of this scientific and semantic analogy.

I honestly believe that the LGBT advocates of the same-sex marriage law have asked more than what they deserve. In the first place, it never occured to me that the absence of such law has through the years deprived them of equality. Well, anybody can lobby for such law to be passed, but in this case, call it something else but never Marriage. I still acknowledge that the laws of nature does not approve for people of the same sex to get married, same with the magnet wherein like poles repel. I do appreciate some of my gay friends who have accepted in contentment their relationship status without asking for something like same-sex marriage.

All of us human beings were created equal. However, each of us has a right to choose our own sexual preference. Although the law of nature states that there is only the male and female body, any deviation by choice should in the context of equality and world peace be accepted and respected by all. Well, isn’t that equality already?

We were awed by the audacity of the advocates of same-sex marriage in taking this issue way beyond what is acceptable for some of us straight people. For the longest time I was under the impression that responsible companionship between same-sex couples were already fair enough for members of the LGBT community to express their love. Frankly speaking, I think same-sex marriage is too much for anybody to ask. Too much of anything is not right may it be love or hate. Laws like these create a lot of precedence. What are they going to legalize next? The law of nature should be respected otherwise it won’t respect us. Her wrath is a force too strong to reckon with.

Oh, when will we ever learn?”

There you have it. Thank you, for your thoughts, brother.
Ronn Villanueva is a Marketing Strategist and Consultant, and a happily-married man. He wrote this blog mainly to express his thoughts and beliefs about the matter, just as anyone is entitled for freedom of expression. Feel free to express yours. #jnv

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  1. This is such a hot topic. I am all for equal rights and opportunities for everyone.


  2. A very controversial topic! I’ve seen people fighting over this in FB. I personally am not in favor of it but after reading about how it’s more for the equality of rights, e.g. filing of dependents, tax cuts etc., I tend to be okay with it na.

  3. Controversial topic indeed! I chose to stsy quiet on social media about this not only because I do not want to “flame” people but also because I believe arguing is futile. After all, God has already warned us about this thousands of years ago. They can change the laws of man but never the laws of God.

  4. the problem is, some members of the lgbt group are taking the new probition to their heads that some of them takes advantage and thinks that they have already conquered the world which is very saddening. respect begets respect.

  5. I understand that procreation is a natural law – but everyone has the right to procreate or not to procreate. Some married couples decide to not have kids. Because they don’t want to. Some want a couple, while some want loads. And for me, all of those are fine.

    Obviously, by my tone you’ll know that I am pro. I am a Catholic too. And I thank you and your brother for taking religion out of this topic because honestly, it’s not about religion. It’s about human rights. That’s why there is a separation of the church and the state. Because combining them will be a disaster.

    I am all for giving everyone the chance and the freedom to choose who they love and spend the rest of their lives with. I am all for giving them the right to have conjugal properties, hospitalization visitation, the right to decide for their partner. For their civil union to be recognized by the state. Because at the end of the day, I always believe that love should always win.

    1. Thank you for your input Celerhina. This kinda reminded me of my initial ‘feelings’ about the recently passed bill for women (well about 3 years ‘not-so-long-ago’ to be exact yay), RH BILL. my emotion was kinda torn then, because i am PRO-LIFE, but i am also kind of a feminist, and i am PRO-CHOICE so you can imagine how my mind was battling then, on which to be okay with.
      In this new U.S. Law, my initial stand is clear, I am not for it. But it’s already here (or there for that matter) and the least I could do is start to accept it, or at least appreciate some aspects of it.
      This is why I have invited my brother to share his thoughts about it here in my blog, to open a train of thoughts.. hoping in this process I’ll find convincing words from readers like you.
      So far I’ve seen some good points already, particularly on matters regarding filing of taxes etc., still I see lots of gray areas, like if eventually the couple decides to part ways, who gets the custody of ‘their’ child, considering for example they have a child from a surrogate mom..
      and talking about BEING FAIR when they marry who carries whose family name? isn’t it kinda of unfair to women (in a straight relationship) that we cannot make our male partners carry our name instead? whatever happened to equality there? Hmm
      Bottom line, I guess life is really about choices, taking chance, accepting our truths, and moving on…
      CHANGE is too constant. I am not perfect, nobody is. But I know RESPECT and when to give it. We will not understand everything that comes our way, but let our morals guide us.

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