An Out of the Box Coffee Experience (Giveaway Alert!)

Regram or Share this photo on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to win the raffle promo.
Regram or Share this photo on Instagram or Facebook for a chance to win the raffle promo.

Imagine having a cup of tea and your favorite artisan cake in a cozy setting surrounded with colorful wooden totem poles, surfing boards, flowers, puka shells, luau inspired drapes and curtains, handwoven loin fabric pillows, hanging mason jar lights, tiki torches, double decker wooden nooks with beautiful beach scenery posters as background, and within its compact space, more than a dozen of colorful ukuleles hanging on its walls, to top it all a super chill, laid-back acoustic background music playing…  
I can almost hear the sound of the ocean waves, and feel the tropical Hawaiian breeze… Except that, SNAP! SNAP! I was not anywhere near a tropical island, ironically, i am somewhere at the center of the metropolis.

Right along the busy road of C5, just a few blocks away from Eastwood Center in Libis, is one of, I must say, the coolest, most unique theme cafe that I’ve ever been to, UKE BOX CAFFE! (pronounced as ‘yuk’) A place dedicated for the love of ukulele, music and, well, coffee.

Didn’t I just find my new happy place?!

The shop, which opened its doors only last May 2, was born out of a collaborative effort between girl friends and young entrepreneurs: Michelle See, Celina Baraoidan and Apple Alegro, who all agreed in putting up a place where music lovers (or not) can simply chill and relax while sipping a cup of coffee; listen to fine acoustic music or jam with uke players and enthusiasts.

Why Uke? Recently this four-stringed instrument has seen quite a bit of a revival and is becoming a staple among Pinoys. “Some kids nowadays have it in school. The schools are using it to teach concepts and music theory to kids in ways that are less complicated,” says Alegro.

The customers that UKE BOX CAFFE attracts is exactly what they had hoped for according to Alegro. “The way we have set up this cafe is all under the idea that we want to represent the diverse group of uke enthusiasts. And we hope to encourage more people to appreciate the simplicity of the instrument. That’s why we welcome everyone to either play and jam with us, learn or simply hang out and try our artisan coffee and other offerings” she says.

A few months after officially opening, UKE BOX CAFFE has managed to establish their crowd, with a group of people taking ukulele lessons. During the week the shop sees a steady flow of customers as well. “It’s a pretty diverse crowd,” says Alegro. “There are a lot of students and yuppies that come in because of our proximity to schools,” she adds. The shop holds Open Mic Nights, where musicians, singers and wanna be singers can simply jam and enjoy.

Uke Box Caffe offers Cebu’s fine handcrafted Ukulele- branded Huni, made from the finest woods available at a price that is still affordable to the average enthusiast. Depending on the type, the ukulele price range from Php3,500- P4,000. Their ukes are all Filipino-made and of high quality and playability making the joy of music more accessible to music lovers of all ages.

Wait. Did I mention that they also rent out some of their Ukes? Yes they do. As part of their vision to promote Ukulele, the girls opened the shop to uke players wanna bes who just want to explore first. “Some people buy the instrument right away, without knowing if they’re gonna love it. We thought by renting out some of our units, we can give them “the feel” first before they jump into buying one,” says Alegro. Uke rentals are at 100/hour, and anyone can have free Ukulele Lessons on the management’s prescribed dates and schedules.


 Personally, I fell in love with UKE BOX CAFFE’S whole concept, combining the simplicity of uke acoustic music with a coffee shop, in a tropical island feel. And the food that they serve are excellent as well. They hired some pretty good chef and baristas, and their staff are all friendly and very attentive to the customers needs. The idea of promoting UKULELE especially to the younger generations while at the same time creating a wholesome venue for uke enthusiasts to gather, jam, and enjoy their music is just impressive… indeed a concept out of the (uke) box.

UKE BOX CAFFE is located at 2/F Village Center, 187 E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave (formerly Libis), Quezon City. You may call for reservation at +63 2 3747467. The store is open Mon-Thur 9am-12am. Fri & Sat 9am-1am, Sun 12pm-9pm.

Here’s a good news, dear readers. Because we’re turning 2 this month, we’re giving away a special prize! You can win one of Uke Box Caffe’s Huni Ukuleles by simply joining my anniversary raffle promo. It’s very easy. Just click the link below, follow and complete the mechanics to qualify for the contest. Please don’t forget to leave your name and email address at the comment box below. This promo will run until August 7, 2015. Thank you and good luck!


39 Responses

  1. My son had always been interested in ukelele. He’s passionate about music but I couldn’t afford to send him to a music school. So this might be his chance.

  2. Glorilee Paralejas

    I am super eager to learn ukelele since last last year but I never had a chance to have my own ukelele. Luckily I discover your blog, and this giveaway is a very very wonderful opportunity for me to have my own ukelele. Thank you very much for this awesome giveaway. This ukelele will be the best gift I will received on my coming birthday If I will be fortunate to win haha!

    1. Yes Rose! It’s open for everyone. However, there is a free lesson that goes with the prize which you can only avail if you go to uke box caffe here in Manila. It’s up to you sis.

  3. When I first heard someone play an ukulele, nasabi ko sa sarili ko.. Ang galing nya! Gusto ko matuto nun!
    I ❤️ Music at gusto ko talagang matutong tumugtog kahit isang instrument.
    This is it! I will go to ukebox caffe on Sunday. Wish me luck! 🙂

    Genesis Chua

  4. I’ve always wanted to play an instrument. And i guess ukulele would be perfect for me. I fell in love with it the first time i saw it and when i heard a friend of mine played it, i fell for it even more.

    I know how to play “the show” and “F.U.N. Song” on ukulele and for me that wasnt enough. I need to learn more on playing the ukulele and i believe that winning this raflle would help me alot. 😀

    Jo Ann M. Dasalla

  5. Ukulele makes me happy! And I will be happier and will be forever grateful if I can win a Huni Ukulele and ukulele lessons from UkeBox Caffe. I love ukulele because it is a simple instrument, yet you can create wonderful music with it! Which reminds us that simple things are life’s treasures. ❤️❤️❤️

    Email add:

  6. I really wanted to visit Uke cafe and try some uke lessons because I really love playing with it and I know I need to learn mote about uke 🙂

  7. I’ve always to go to a place where I can meet people that has same interests that I do and uke boc caffe is one of those havens that I consider 🙂 Hopefully I’d be able to attend an open mic night soon 😀

    -Meicah Tangliben,

  8. Winning this uke would be the perfect opportunity to be involved with people who has the same interests as me. I have been really into ukulele the past few months and would love to own a Huni one. I’m also making it a goal to bring my friends to UkeBox caffe and (hopefully) show them my uke playing skills 🙂

    Kara Francisco

  9. So thankful to have stumbled across this article! I’m always in search of good coffee hangouts but I haven’t come across a cafe for music lovers! I’d really love to learn how to sing while playing an instrument at the same time. 🙂

  10. So glad i saw your account on Instagram thru KHSotto! Hope i win this and looking forward to visiting the Cafe soon!!!

  11. Hi 🙂 I am Rojanie Mauricio, a ukelele newbie. I was exploring your blog and HEY you’ve got some giveaway promos. I totally loved it. Hope I can win the Uke 😉

    UKE BOX CAFFÉ is a paradise and I want to go there.

    Thanks a lot. More power to you and your blog and your motherhood. 🙂

  12. I have played guitar sometime during my teenage year pero not ukelele. The place looks very relaxing and the cakes looks really yummy! Kakagutom!

  13. I’ve always been an UKU fan…ever since I saw that picture on the casette tape cover of Elvis Presley’s album (he holding a ukuleke) I’ve always wanted one myself. It was an honor to finally get a cheap concert one after 18 years and learn from it. Now, 5 years after someone gave me a decent tenor… And now I’m aiming for a very decent Soprano! Looking forward to visit this place to check out the uku’s and play them myself! Thanks for blogging about this.

  14. hope to win a ukulele from you. been wanting to own one ever since i have tried to play one with! :))

  15. I checked the comments here, I and didn’t see mine.. I don’t know what happened so, even the raffle is over I still wanted to leave my message here. =)

    My daughter is turning 10 this August, this would be a perfect gift for her. Last summer she told me that she wanted to try something new. To try something in connection with musics. I guess this one is just perfect for her. Trying my luck for her! Thanks for sharing and looking forward to read more of your blogs! 🙂

    Emilie Udasco

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