Making Baking Easy and Fun: A Baking Demo by Chef Jimbo de Panadero

While in my hometown, Malolos, Bulacan, I took advantage of lolo and lola being there to look after my daughter, and grabbed a chance to enhance my baking skills. I signed up for a half-day Baking Demo with one of the top caliber consultants in the the baking industry, Chef Jimbo de Panadero. The workshop was presented by Megan’s Baking and Confectionery Supplies, and was held at its branch in Catmon Malolos City, Bulacan from 1PM to 5PM.


Elda Corado introduces Chef Jimbo de Panadero
 I thoroughly enjoyed the demo. We baked a wide variety of premix muffin products, and learned how to make my favorite local bread called ‘kababayan’. Learnt a lot about the difference between a muffin and a cupcake, some new techniques, which was why I went and came away feeling inspired and pretty confident about having a go at baking more muffins and even frosting it.

I must say, Chef Jimbo de Panadero is an excellent instructor, boy does he know a lot!! I was quite impressed! The informations he shared were useful, well taught, and in a language that we could all understand. We baked many different variations of muffins while he explained the usefulness of his premix cake products, and how it cuts or saves time and effort in the part of the bakers. He also thaught us about basic frosting and how to make the frosting stable not runny.

Imagine, four hours of fun and learning while smelling ‘being tortured’ with the aroma of some freshly baked, blueberry, straberry, mango, coffee and chocolate muffins, and kababayan bread (plain and flavored).. hahaha! What a day! 

My favorite, Kababayan Bread

Kababayan Bread
Blueberry Muffins
Chocolate Muffin with Butterscotch
Strawberry Muffin with Buttercream Frosting
Plain @ Flavored Kababayan (some with frosting)
Assorted Muffins

oh I just gotta take a muffin selfie! lol
 The presentor, Store Owner, Ms. Elda Corado, meanwhile, was so hospitable, and accommodating. I commend and thank her as well for organizing a successful series of baking demos for her customers. Because of these newly learned techniques, around 30 something homebakers and bakers wanna-bes are now on the road to applying what we learned, as, speaking for myself, I cant wait to get my hands (and my kitchen) floury messy!!

Baking demo participants with Chef Jimbo de Panadero and store owner Elda Corado.
Baking demo participants with Chef Jimbo de Panadero and store owner Elda Corado.

I am definitely looking forward to more of such events and I totally recommend it to any home baker who wants to learn or improve.

The workshop was sponsored by Selbourne.

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    1. Actually he does have one at banawe, qc this coming june 5-6 basic bread making you may call 0922 8376707 for more details 🙂

  1. I wish have the “talent” and the oven to bake! Haha!(: Baking is one of my frustrations. But first, I need to learn how to cook! My golly!(: Looks like a fun workshop!!

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