I Am Legend: A Movie Review

My brother said it’s a must-see film for me.

“I am Legend” is all about a newly invented cancer cure for a viral infection that turned the majority of the world’s population (or at least people from the entire City of New York) into mutants. Intriguing… I should say. Especially for someone who works for a company that manufactured one of the latest medical breakthroughs- a prophylactic, anti-cervical cancer vaccine.

Let’s look at it on a positive light. Before I even saw it, I was given a brief overview of this film starred by one of Hollywood’s most stunning actors- Will Smith. Thrilled from start to end, I admittedly was. Will Smith’s acting was absolutely fantastic. He carried the part so well. He kept me interested even though he had to play the only human for over an hour. Smith did an amazing job of connecting with the audience, just like how Tom Hanks did it in the movie Cast Away. I enjoyed how he tried to live each day of his almost feeble life trying hard to create a sense of normalcy through his daily routine, watching reruns of the Today Show and listening to Bob Marley’s music, creating his sense of being just human also subject to admiration of the opposite sex (only had his love interest- the mannequin- helloed back- could have been more… oh, well, confusing! Hehe.).

The concept was excellent. I just think the ending was hurried. I liked where the movie was going, but I feel it needed another hour to finish the movie right. The foundation of the story was there but I was hoping and expecting a possible plot twist as Smith’s character- Robert Neville realizes the hidden intellect of the mutants. And when two more characters Anna and son Ethan came out of nowhere to rescue Neville incredibly. Seems we obviously have underestimated the two weaker characters’ ability to survive. And for some reason somebody felt it would be better to just leave it all hanging. Lastly, I just don’t understand why he couldn’t have thrown the grenade from the dugout with Anna and Ethan, that way everybody could have been happier if they all survived. {Sigh}

In real time, okay fine, I was a bit disturbed when I learned about this film, thinking that it could affect the mindset of people on the idea of vaccination, or cancer prevention- at that. It’s fiction. Yes. But somehow people might think the plot was so scary because it could be incredibly realistic. Mutation may not be the result or side effect of a cure for cancer, but thinking about what we already have–the HPV cervical cancer vaccine now, and all this research with viruses used against cancer in general. Almost believable!

Lastly, great acting, Will Smith. I wonder if Sam the dog also got an Academy Award for this. As for the film, I’m sure we could have all appreciated an extended version.

And, here’s my segway… hehehe! For the women out there, I find no reason why you should not consider getting vaccinated against the horrible diseases caused by the Human Papillomavirus… there’s no better time than NOW to ask your doctors about it. Seriously. #jnv

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