Food Trippin’ at Jersey City

In this post you’ll be seeing plenty to keep you gastronomically craving for some of Jersey City’s best bites. These may not be among the top restos, but they sure are our faves! Let’s start with…


Hibachi Grill Buffet selection is a good staple. Good quality for a buffet and well, let’s say it has become a weekly thing for us (haha). Imagine about 250 plus dishes ranging from Chinese classics to Sushi and Hibachi including comfort foods like pizzas and burgers. It’s definitely worth a try. Their menu includes hibachi items, sushi, seaweed salad, soybeans, baked and mashed potatoes, fish, shrimp, rice, french fries, garlic bread, chicken on sticks, chicken w/ broccoli, baked mozzarella-spinach.

Not a lot of ambiance, especially on crowded days, but a great place to get a wide selection of decent dishes inexpensively. We spent about 8 USD per head. Definitely not a place to go for moderate eating, I’d suggest you skip breakfast if you plan to head for lunch here.

Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet is located at 701 NJ-440, Jersey City, NJ 07304; located inside Hudson Mall.  Call them for reservation at +1 201-860-007.

Salad Bar
Deep Fried Goodness..
Hibachi Bar
Sushi Bar..
Fish & Veggie Section
Here’s the Fruit Sections
Baby’s faves..
Craw Fish, anyone?
Chocolate fondue dipped fruits..

Authentic Indian

Shadman Restaurant is another resto we keep coming back to. I love their lunch buffet because you can try a little bit of everything and its delicious! Its perfect for Indian food lovers or someone who is trying to appreciate Pakistani and Indian Cuisines for the first time. A menu full of intriguing entrees, the food were all heavy on sauce in an excellent way, i must say its pretty much spot on for authenticity. The service has always been very attentive whenever we’ve been there. As for price, a buffet per head is about $7 which is very much well worth it, we’ve always left full and very satisfied.

Shadman Restaurant (Pakistani-Indian Cuisine)is located at 293 1/2 Grove Street, Jersey City, New Jersey. Call +1 201 200 0333 for reservation and inquiries. Visit their website at

Mom & Boss
Canteen Like Ambiance
Lamb and Beef Curry
Tandoori Naannnnnnnnnnn!!!
Baby Boss’ plate…
Veggies and more..
Spinach… Laing Style!
They only had plain rice that day, no Basmati 🙁
Beans, beans, the musical fruit…
Dessert.. Kheer or Rice Pudding- Pakistani Style

The Best Pastry in Town

Neptune Bakery & Deli offers a variety of baked goodies. They are well known for “THE BEST” (with much emphasis) custard cups and egg tarts in the city. Neptune was highly recommended to me by a Newyorker relative, who said she would drive all the way to New Jersey just to get a couple of boxes of their famous custard cups at 11 USD for a dozen.

The service was friendly and efficient. Upon ordering I learned that some of their sales staffs are Pinoys. Although I haven’t tried dining-in, I was told that the Deli is recommended only for breakfast.

Neptune Bakery & Deli is located at 1612 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, New Jersey. For advanced orders, call +1 201 333 2374

My all-time favorite Portugues cups

Take Out Food

We have two staple food we consider our favorites every time we don’t feel like cooking.. first is the Halal Guy‘s Chicken and Lamb Rice; second is Cassey’s favorite Chicken Broccoli from the nearest Chinese food takeout store Lucky Star.

Our fave Chicken Broccoli


More cakes and pastries

Anything Filipino or with a Filipino trademark is such a breath of fresh air in a foreign land.

Red Ribbon Bakeshop offers exactly the same items if not most of the cakes and pastries in their Philippine stores at their Jersey City branch.

Our favorite among their cakes is the Ube Cake and the Mango Cake. It’s a favorite among Filipino Family gatherings.

Red Ribbon is located at 591 Summit Avenue, Jersey City for orders call +1 201 795 1988

Coffee and cake while waiting for our take-out
Daddy K’s fave mango cake from Red Ribbon
My all time favorite Ube Cake


Sarap-to-the-bones Fried Chicken

Halo-halo Special for our little doll

Craving for Pinoy HaloHalo has never been a problem for us. We were about 20 giant steps away from a Max’s of Manila branch, the only one there is I think in the East Coast.

happy tummies as usual…

Ofcourse, we love the main dishes too. The all Filipino sarap-to-the-bones Max’s Fried Chicken.. Karekare and Fresh Lumpia, as well as their buko pandan. Feels like home!

Max’s of Manila is located at 687 Newark Avenue in Jersey City. For reservations, call +1 201 795 1988.

Have you been to Jersey City? Any resto you’d like to share with me? Just leave a comment below.

If you wanna go with me on a virtual food trip to New York? Click this link .


20 Responses

  1. Your post reminds me that I haven’t been able to enjoy buffet for quite sometime now. I love food and eating is my past time. I just dont like the excess calories and the bloated figure that goes along with it. I wish I could enjoy every dish without gaining extra pounds. (That’s just wishful thinking!) thanks for sharing!

    1. i bet that’s every girl’s wish.. to pig out without its consequences. for the young ones, i guess a little extra pound is okay, but as we get older, it’s not just about figure anymore, we got blood pressures, sugar levels, etc to watch out for and maintain, in order to live or lives more enjoyably…

  2. @kaity i think red ribbon and max’s has branches in california. as for the rest, they only have it in new jersey, but i’m sure there are other hibachi and indian restos in cali that you’d love.

  3. Aside from the huge variety of foods, what I knew about restos in the US is that they serve huge amount of food to customers, that disappointingly, we don’t really practice here in the PH. Yung iba mahal na konti pa. :((

  4. I haven’t pigged out for a while now. I’ve been conscious about my weight since I gave birth 8 months ago (I know right? Life’s not fair). I think I wanna binge on chocolates now coz the fondue looks delicious….

    1. yes, it is located at newark ave. near five corners in jersey city.. halos magkakatabi sila ng red ribbon, subway (sndwhich) and philam store 🙂

  5. i am not really good at these eat-all-you-can buffets, but it is nice to try them out once in a while. it’s nice that local restaurants are opening shops overseas. it allows Filipinos abroad to still get a taste of home from across the miles

  6. Oooh, it’s in New Jersey. I was going to say the salad bar is looking great, but I saw the meat buffet and the rest of it, and I’m like..we should move to NJ! haha. Looks good. Not a fan of crowded places, though I’m not sure I’d notice with that much food, heehee

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