Giving Strands of Hope, One Crowning Glory at a Time

These days, a lot of men, women and children who suffer from cancer have been affected by hair-loss due to the treatment process. And from what I’ve heard, there are some patients who do not want to undergo chemotherapy simply because they do not want to lose their hair.

Cancer, being one of the leading causes of death in the Philippines according to the Department of Health, has truly impaired not only the patients but their families as well. I, myself, have witnessed relatives who have gone through such heartbreaking ordeal, and could not help but put myself in their situation wondering how I would deal with this were it me.

What better way to reach out to these people by “restoring their hair, confidence and self-esteem which promotes emotional health and happiness during this difficult time in their lives,” says the Donate Your Hair Today Team.

I’ve learned about this organization through my cousin, Abbey Aquino, who donated her locks of hair as well. I donated mine. And now, I appeal to you…

DONATE YOUR HAIR TODAY – Cut Against Cancer – helps and gives a second life to kids and women with Cancer by donating hair to continue manufacturing for them high quality medical wigs.

They require a minimum of 12 inches of hair to primarily provide wigs to those undergoing chemotherapy. The organization is accepting all types of hair even if it was colored or processed.

To know how to properly cut and donate your hair, here’s the link:

Please remember to put in a plastic bag your donated hair with your first, last names, your facebook email address and your phone number. You can mail it through LBC or donate your hair at any Papemelroti Location near you in Manila and other cities in the Philippines.

Also, let me ask you, dear friends and readers, to help spread the word. Like what I am doing now, letting my friends know what I’m up to, hoping perhaps they’ll be inspired to help, too. If you know someone who might be interested, let them know how easy the process is and how good it feels to help.

Also please join and support them in their upcoming event on October 24 in Taguig. Click this link for details.

The event aims to set up New Guinness World Record in the Philippines on how many hair was cut and donated in one day.

The group also need financial support in order to continue manufacturing and donating medical wigs for kids and woman with cancer even $ 5 – 10 can help here is a link how you or your friends can help:

This weekend I received a text message and a sweet note from DONATE YOUR HAIR TODAY- Cut Against Cancer on my facebook thanking me for my long tress and stating:
Donate Your Hair
Everyone has a trademark, and I guess, in my own right, it’s fair to say mine is my crowning glory. It is long, straight and shiny with a few brownish streaks. And now, I proudly stand alongside the hundreds of Pinays that have already contributed to this brilliant charitable cause. This is my own little way to contribute to a movement that campaigns to create free wigs, using real hair, for cancer patients who suffer hair-loss.

It is in this light that I can gladly and proudly say, my loss will be someone else’s gain. #jnv
Jennifer Villanueva

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