We made it, Cassey!

Dear Cassey,

July 18, 2013. As much as I would want to start with the line “On this day, at exactly 7:24 in the morning..” I couldn’t. Because unlike most child-birth stories, your mommy was unconscious, when you came screaming out loud into this world as you were delivered via Cesarean Section. Your father, Daddy K, being overly-excited to hold you, was the first to say Hi! to 6 lbs. you.

Looking at the bright side, I guess I was one of the lucky few who saw her baby smile instead of cry for the very first time when I finally held you in my arms, my Cassey Hunter, inside the hospital room. It was so surreal, or it maybe just the drowsiness creeping in as a side-effect of the Epidural procedure done to me. I looked at you and it was as if you were telling me “look mommy, we made it!”  Yes, indeed, my daughter, we made it.

We’ve been inseparable since day one, and that’s including  the months you spent inside my womb. The moment I found out about you was the beginning of a life-changing experience for me. From being a mere ultrasound report, you have become instrumental in making me closer to God, figuratively and literally knocking me off my feet to kneel and pray day in day out for God to make us both survive the most difficult nine months of my entire life.

Looking back at those very critical times, I couldn’t help but let out one big SIGH!

Nine months of experiencing right before my eyes- possible threats to you my precious little one, not knowing exactly what was up with my uterus back then. To give you a picture, I was bleeding profusely like I had menstruation. I wasn’t allowed to cry nor worry but I was crying all the time anyway. Who wouldn’t? When I was too frightened to lose you. That feeling that you were so close yet so far I couldn’t do anything to protect you.

I prayed over and over to keep you safe from harm and danger, make you healthy, strong and normal, beautiful and always happy. It’s like a daily chant to me.

You have made both me and your dad better persons than we used to be, just by being born into this world. Let’s just say that we both have turned our lives 360 degrees around, but trust us when we say, we wouldn’t want it any other way. You made us very happy, without a doubt, and we know that things are gonna get better as we all move on.

Funny how we sometimes feel as if we were both under your spell. You were born with a natural affinity for charming everyone with your natural beauty, you are such a bundle of joy, your smile is simply contagious.

Perhaps none of this make sense to you for now, that’s why I thought of documenting this and saving it for you to read on and enjoy when you already can.

Seeing that innocence in your deep set eyes, I couldn’t stop myself from expressing how much you mean to me, need I say, there is nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do for you my darling daughter, Cassey Hunter. I love you, beyond, beyond. Let this be the start of our wonderful adventure!

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