Choosing the Right Necklace for Him

In this post I am hoping to reach out to my male readers or the men in the lives of my female readers for that matter. Your opinion matters, and I do hope to learn something new from you guys.

I recently got into a little dilemma, on what gift to give my man on his birthday.

Foremost, he is the type who can practically buy anything he wants for himself if he’d like to, and the type who would rather not get a material gift from anyone. To cut the story short, his pleasure comes from pleasing others (or me) for that matter and nit the vice versa. So what’s the problem, you ask?

I am a pleaser too, or I’d like to think I am. And every occasion in our life is just as important to me as how any other sentimental freaks would think of theirs.

This years’ birthday is a bit special because it also marks our 7th year of being together. And I wanted to give him something special.

I’m thinking necklace.

A good necklace is not just an accent piece for a man (or woman), just like a nice watch or a ring, it may also serve as some sort of investment depending on its value.

I’m thinking, something he can wear every day, or with any outfit or something he can keep under his shirt as a personal reminder of… well, my love! [*wink]

Then I found out there are actually broad families of necklace styles worth knowing about.

Although most are worn by women, still there are lots of traditionally masculine styles that can go naturally with any classic man’s style.

First on my list are those various necklaces that are tied to faith or denote religious affiliations. Some of which may be encouraged by specific sectors, while others are merely personal displays of faith and belief.

Examples are: Christian crosses, Scapulars, Holy Trinity, Hearts of Jesus & Mary and other religious symbols.

A pendant-style necklace or a single small ornament with signs (astrologic, zodiac, university logo, brotherhood, organization or any masculine symbols at that) on a relatively long chain, such that the pendant rests below the neck.

There’s the plain chains of metal that appears classic and simple. They create a number of looks, depending on the metal used, the length of the chain (can be a choker type or something longer), the thickness and the style of links and the method of fastening them.

And then there’s also the military-style dog tags. These are functionally just a specialized pendants that bear mention on their own, if only because more and more jewelers these days seem to be making upscale versions of the dog tags.

Knowing these types if necklaces for men, the next step is to find out which among the above mentioned fits his personality more. Of course you also have to consider your budget.

You can find few good pendants and a wide selection of cords and chains at online jewelry stores like Joy Jewelers–a US company distributing masculine rings, men’s necklaces, cufflinks, Joy Jewelers fireman pendants, and other bespoke jewelry pieces.

There are also places in Metro Manila (for my Filipino readers) where you can find fine pieces of necklaces at cheaper costs, try checking out Ongpin, in Binondo, or go up North in Meycauayan, Bulacan.

By the way, I have not decided yet what to give him, seeing a lot of choices got me a little confused, or more like torn. So now I ask…

What kind of necklace would you give him if I were you? Or what will you give your man?

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  1. You might want to consider a watch? My husband only has his wedding ring and watch pala as his accessories. He doesn’t like necklaces nor bracelets.

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